enter site For over two decades, the Maryland Limo Association (MLA) has been serving chauffeured transportation providers in Maryland. The MLA keeps the Maryland limousine operator in the know and works diligently by:

  • Battling legislation that could adversely affect Maryland limousine operators,
  • Establishing educational and bulk buying programs
  • Offering fledgling businesses a place to turn to for pertinent information.

https://templedavid.org/symons/t6hnf48l8 Maryland Limo Association has helped strengthen Maryland’s chauffeured transportation industry. Currently, Maryland Limo Association’s board of directors has 70 years combined experience in the transportation industry – operating everything from limousines, sedans and vans to mini-coaches and buses. Maryland Limo Association members always have a place to turn for assistance on all aspects of running their MD limo businesses, and often trade work back and forth with fellow MLA members.